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Here at Blackledge Training, our comprehensive classes are designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field. From firearm handling techniques to security officer training, our expert instructors will guide you every step of the way in getting your Security Officer Firearm Permit Endorsement.

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Whether you’re a newbie looking to start your career or an experienced guard seeking to enhance your skills, our tailored security guard classes cater to all levels of expertise. Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide array of topics, ranging from firearm handling techniques to conflict resolution strategies. With expert instructors at your side, you’ll gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience that’s invaluable in the field.

Security Officer Firearm Permit Endorsement.

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Our state-approved services provide comprehensive training and certification, equipping aspiring professionals with the skills needed to get their Security Officer Firearm Permit Endorsement, also known as Blue Card certificate.

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Our curriculum is customizable to meet the unique goals of each individual, ensuring every student receives personalized attention.

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You’ll be learning from seasoned professionals in security guard training with extensive experience in the fields of security and bail enforcement.

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Our training center is equipped with technology and simulation tools, providing students with a dynamic and immersive learning environment.
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With over three decades of combined expertise in firearms and competitive shooting, our team brings unparalleled experience to security guard training in Manchester and across the state of Connecticut. Our instructors have honed their skills over the years, and this wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience ensures our students receive top-notch instruction tailored to scenarios in the real world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license to become a security guard?

The state’s General Statute 29-161z mandates that in order to be hired to perform security services while armed with a firearm must obtain a special permit from the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection. This permit endorsement is in addition to any other permit requirements imposed by state law.

Therefore, aspiring security guards must undergo specialized guard card classes in Connecticut and obtain the necessary permits before they can legally work in the field.

What is a Security Officer Firearm Permit Endorsement (Blue Card Certificate)?

A Security Officer Firearm Permit Endorsement, often referred to as Blue Card, refers to a special permit required by security service employees who will be armed while performing security officer services. This permit, mandated by Connecticut General Statute 29-161z, is obtained from the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection. It’s essential for individuals hired by security service companies to fulfill this requirement before engaging in these types of duties.

How do I get a Security Officer Firearm Permit Endorsement (Blue Card Certificate)?

Future professionals must complete a course of instruction approved by the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection. This involves firearm safety and use and security guard classes in CT, as well as range qualification. Upon completion of the course, our firearm instructor validates the application form DPS-1030, which is then submitted to the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit for processing.

How long is the Security Officer Firearm Permit Endorsement valid?

It’s valid for five years, unless suspended or revoked, and aligns with the expiration date of the State Pistol Permit. Additionally, individuals holding the endorsement must annually complete a firearm refresher course. This course serves as a condensed version of the original Connecticut armed guard training and ensures that security officers maintain proficiency in firearm handling and safety protocols.

Where can I get my armed guard license near me in Connecticut?

Here at Blackledge Training, we boast experienced instructors and a state-approved curriculum. Our security license classes in Manchester, CT  provide a supportive learning environment where students can develop the expertise necessary to embark on a successful career. Whether you’re in Fairfield County starting on your journey toward a new profession or want to get your bail enforcement agent certification in Hartford County, join us and take the first step!

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